Reuben came to us through the safe re-homing scheme.

His owners could no longer keep him.

Reuben took some time to settle in and trust his new owners, but soon learned that they were good people.

Reuben now has the best life and could wish for no more.


Titch came to us through the safe re-homing scheme.

After spending nearly a year in foster, he soon found his forever home and enjoying his runs along the beach.


Barney (the tan one) was going to be shot by a farmer if he wasn’t removed.

Barney had never lived inside a home before and is very nervous of men, loud scary noises and being alone.

His foster has done so well with him, and he’s become such a wonderful boy with such a gentle soul. Barney has been adopted for over two years.

Then along came Murphy.

Murphy was taken from an abusive owner and is such a sweet boy.

Such happy, lovely boys.


Lexi came to us under our safe re-homing scheme.

Lexi was spending most of her days in a crate, and the family were struggling to feed her.

When Lexi arrived with her foster, it became apparent how much she had been suffering.

Lexi could barely walk due to severe muscle wastage. She would hobble around and fall over, simply due to not having the strength to hold herself up.

Lexi was put on several small meals a day, along with an exercise regime to help build up her muscles and get her back to being healthy.

Lexi’s foster soon became apart of the ‘failed foster’ club and Lexi has been there ever since.


Ruby came to us under the safe re-homing scheme.

Sadly Ruby’s family was unable to keep her any longer.

Ruby went into foster where it became apparent that Ruby had trust issues with people.

After building up Ruby’s trust, her fosters felt that it would be an injustice to her to break her trust by having to move her on. So there, Ruby has stayed.


Max found himself in the pound wondering where his family were and why he was there. Max went straight from the pound into a foster home, where they were soon bowled over by his gentle nature.

They were quickly to join the ‘failed foster’ club and Max has been there for two years.


Cookie was a pound stray dog. He was extremely emaciated and very unsure of the world.

Cookie still has his nightmares and his family have worked hard building up his trust. Cookie will always have his ways, but he is LOVED for it.

Cookie has been in his adoptive home for over a year.


Marley has not had the best start in life.

Marley had been abused in more ways than one. Marley used to wear a shock collar and when he was shocked, it caused the other dogs around him to attack him.

Marley has been adopted out for over a year now and knows only LOVE! What he truly deserves.


Lola was handed over through our safe re-homing scheme.

Sadly Lola just couldn’t cope within the home’s circumstances.

Lola has been adopted for nearly two years and is much happier in herself.