There are several ways you can help support the work that East Anglia Dog Rescue does.

1. Donate to us using the Button below!

Your donations enable us to continue the work we do and ensure that we can continue to place dogs that need re-homing, into happy and safe homes.

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Each dog costs an average of £300 to prepare for their new life, this includes vaccinations, transportation, flea and worm treatments, neutering and often additional veterinary care. We ask for all new owners to make a minimum donation according to the size of the individual dog.

If you are curious why it changes so much here is a list of some of the costs we cover, associated with the dogs.

– Spay from £200

– Neuter from £165

– Flea and worm £40

– Transportation from £20

We welcome any sponsorship or regular donations, no matter how big or small there are always bills to pay and your support is gratefully received.

Support a dog in Kennels

We welcome your support, especially when it comes to our dogs. Financial support is the biggest gift you can give to our rescue.

Sometimes a dog is in kennels and goes downhill very quickly, in this instance, where we can we get the dog into one of our foster families, however there isn’t always room in which case, again where we can we help the dog and put it up in boarding kennels.

While this isn’t ideal, it does save the dogs life.

Support additional vets bills

Other dogs need to be under go regular treatment like one of our dogs recently, who had a very sad, abusive past. It turned out she had previously been very ill-treated and had broken bones that had healed but not properly, so she needs ongoing medication for the rest of her life. Another dog we rescued had ingrowing eye lashes, can you imagine how painful that is?

We are increasingly being asked to take dogs with medical conditions that have been abandoned at the vets, or stray kennels, As well as abuse cases. But we can only help if the funds are available.

All of our rescue dogs are treated for fleas and worms, neutered or spayed and micro-chipped before they are rehomed. While we ask for a donation of £150-£200 per dog, this doesn’t even cover neuter in many cases let alone other costs.

Sadly this doesn’t cover additional costs like fuel for transportation, often from one part of the country to another, emergency boarding costs per day, per dog, additional veterinary work like dental work or operations nor does it the hours spent talking on the phone organising the safe-rehoming of our rescue dogs.

Perhaps you would like to support us more regularly? We would welcome regular payments every month and encourage you to do so, if you can donate regularly we would welcome it being set up as a standing order and are happy to provide you with bank details.

Please show your support by donating regularly, you can also get in touch with us here

Every little helps!

Regular donation packages

We are always grateful for any monthly donations and if you wish to set up a standing order to the rescue please do get in touch.

Annual donation packages

Worm/flea/chip transport a dog Package £50

1 x keyring of your choice, car sticker, and internet updates monthly newsletter. Certificate of donation

Vaccinate, worm, flea, chip, transport a dog package £100

1 x mug, 1 x keyring or your choice, car sticker, tote bag, internet updates monthly newsletter, and certificate of donation.

Total costs to rehoming package for one dog £250

1x teddy with East Anglia Dog Rescue t shirt, 1x keyring, 1x mug, 1x car sticker and tote bag, internet updates monthly newsletter and certificate of donation.

You can also opt to support a specific dog or we can allocate one to you.