How to Adopt

We carry out home checks on everyone to ensure the safety of the dog and the family. All homes must pass this prior to a dog being placed with the adopters.

We consider many different factors including:

  • If you have a garden – is it dog secure with fencing all around, suitable for the breed of dog you are applying for? Obviously you won’t need 6ft fences for a chihuahua!
  • Do you and your family work – if so how long would the dog go home alone
  • Have you got pets
  • Have you got young children
  • A great attitude

After the home check is complete, we match you to one of our dogs for the best chance of a successful adoption / foster and start arranging a new beginning and potentially a happily ever after story.

A great attitude goes a long way to making the placement of a foster or adopted dog successful. Some of the dogs have challenges that eventually go away through the right care, emergencies crop up and sometimes the rescue is overrun and we aren’t able to answer questions immediately, understanding, compassion and consideration make the development of relationships so much easier.

Many of our dogs have wonderful happily ever after stories, to read about some of them please see here.

Follow up visits can be arranged at anytime in the 12 months following the adoption, we love a good news story and have been involved since the often, very sad beginning and love to see how one of our rescue dogs is getting on.