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East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Bailey


Foster desperately needed this girl is self-harming in kennels.
She’s cut all her nose open and chewing bars. Bailey is a really lovely girl quite excitable and energetic. True staffie girl.
Not good with other dogs or animals. 
We’d also say teenager adult only home.
Please please share her everywhere.
Spayed and just beautiful, 4 yrs old.
Homechecks will apply and if you go into adopting after initial foster period adoption fee WILL be payable

Bailey is currently in kennels in Wisbech. If you would like to donate towards Baileys costs & upkeep you can do so by clicking HERE.

East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Clarissa



4-year-old Greyhound x staffy. Smallish Greyhound size, quite a bit taller than a staffy!

So far she is almost perfect. She took a few days to feel safe enough to be left at home without crying and barking, so any potential home needs to be aware of this, she obviously thought she was going to be abandoned again.

She is a dream to walk, trots nicely in front, enjoys a good sniff. Greets people and dogs with a waggy tail, even if they are across the road. Not too keen on dogs that are too ‘in your face’, no aggression is shown, but not ever so happy.

No small furries or cats.

Brilliant with children, but if she has a scatty moment, it’s probably best if little people are picked up because she really motors lol.

Loves a belly rub, travels really well in the car.

She is microchipped and spayed & vaccinated.

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East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Gucci


Meet Gucci

Around 2 years old
Spayed, chipped, vaccinated
Good with dogs staffie size and up
Has been known to chase small furries/animals
Gucci is fab with children of all ages
Walks well on the lead, good recall
Gucci needs a home with someone around most of the time as she can begin to cry after 30 minutes (with or without other dogs makes no difference)
This has been worked on previously and she was fine for up to 2 hours but sadly due to changes and circumstances, this went backwards.
Sweet girl. Gucci has been waiting for a home for a while now and i really can’t understand why.
Please give Gucci a share

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East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Lilly



Around 18 months old, staffie girly

Good with dogs and would benefit from being housed with a resident dog.

Ignores cats.

Children over 5 – she will take food from a hand so just care to be taken. She is young and training needs to be given.

A real sweetheart.

Homechecks & adoption fees apply

Lilly is currently in kennels in Essex. If you would like to donatLilly’sillys care & upkeep then you can do so by clicking HERE.

East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Roo


Little Roo is a Yorkie X, although he is a bit bigger than a Yorkie.
Around 1 years old.
Roo has fear issues on walks with runners and bikes. This presents as him barking at them and can lunge so he needs to be walked and confidence.

Roo is under training currently with his fear issues.

Roo will nip out of fear. For this we are saying children over 12 years old and an experience home.

Roo will need time to adjust and to trust his new owners.
Fully vaccinated neutered.

Good with dogs.

Homechecks and adoption fees apply

If you would like to help towards the costs of Roo’s upkeep & care you can do so HERE.

East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Simba


Simba looking for a forever home
Aged around 3 but acts younger
Staffy cross (larger than a staffy)
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated
No cats.
Good with dogs.
Simba is an energetic lad who loves attention. He struggles to be left if you are about and like to be involved in all what is going on. He can be left on his own though!
Children 8+
Simba can have issues around toys when he first meets you, partly because he doesn’t trust you. After a week with his foster he now gives up a toy happily and plays, bringing toys back. It is purely because he won’t know you or trust you for the first few days.

Simba struggles with new environments and will stress out almost instantly for the first 24 hours. Here he will not show himself in the best of light but this boy IS AMAZING! He really needs a chance. A chance to settle, a chance to trust, a chance to love. He is the type of dog that will be your best friend ever.
Here is what Simba’s foster says about him:
Simba is one of the most loyal, affectionate and clever dogs we’ve ever met. In the short time, we have fostered him, we’ve found him to get on well with other dogs who are both on and off the lead. He comes when called and knows all basic commands. He does what he is asked almost always and just wants to please.
The bond he forms with you (especially men) is incredible, he just wants to be with you.
He is playful and would benefit from a home where he can get lots of exercises and can be with someone who has the time to give him further training and the attention he needs.
Simba can be left for a few hours, and has only destroyed toys (typical
For his breed). If you lay down rules he tends to learn them quickly and adhere to them. 

Simba is currently in kennels in Essex. If you would like to help donate to Simba’s upkeep & care you can do so by clicking HERE.

East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Sonny


Sonny is a super friendly staffie x boy.
Looking for a new forever home.
Good with other dogs and cats with slow intros who don’t run.
Needs ongoing training. But a typical bull-breed adolescent. Needs some manner and boundaries but a great lad.
Really likes a cuddle on the sofa.
Children 7+
Beautiful boy, neutered and vaccinated.
Homechecks and adoption fees apply.

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East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Zeus


5 star home wanted for the wonderful Zeus

Loves his toys and a good football.

Can live with a female dog with intros, no cats.
Children over 8 as he’s an older boy who is still full of life but doesn’t Want to be pulled about.
Adores people.
Homechecks and adoption fees apply
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East Anglia Dogs for adoption

Name: Panda (formally petal)


Looking for her forever home within East Anglia
3-4 years old
Good with cats
Children over 8+ years old
Petal was saved from being put to sleep in a council pound as they had run out of space. She has proved such a fantastic little girl. She is dinky in size and most enthusiastic about life. She loves everything about life and can be a bit full on for some people. She loves to give kisses and travels well in the car. She can be left for a few hours at a time. She’s toilet trained. She also walks fab on the lead!
She can be very ball orientated and doesn’t always want to share a ball with another dog.
She absolutely loves all the attention to herself too. For these reasons, we feel a dog free home would be suited. Though, an experienced home that can place in firm boundaries, and have some meet and greets we would consider.
Currently in Ipswich

She does have a slight limp with one back leg, which we have had x-rays on and investigating. She has arthritis in her knee and hip dysplasia. Don’t be fooled, this does not stop her from enjoying life to the fullest. This can be monitored with pain medication as and when it is needed, however she is currently on golden paste and coconut oil.
She is spayed, vaccinated and chipped
Home checks and adoption fees apply
You can apply for Panda via here:

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